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Construction industry in Norway

(Updated October 2008)

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Я думаю, что тем строителям, которые бы хотели поехать в Норвегию, чтобы поработать там на стройке, информация, которую я сейчас дам ниже, может оказаться полезной. Я решил дать ее здесь на английском языке, так как надеюсь, что для тех, кто всерьез собирается на работу в Норвегию, английский язык хорошо знаком и поэтому для них не составит труда понять смысл этой информации.

The construction industry is important for the country and functions as a good indicator of the general labour market situation. Over the past few years, the number of new construction projects has increased in all parts of Norway, although market indicators in the past few months show that this trend has now turned slightly. The number of new jobs in the sector has decreased recently, but employment is still at a high level.

What is the demand for construction workers?

As of early 2008, the number of vacancies for various kinds of qualified building and construction workers has dropped slightly in Norway. But there is still a need for many construction workers, mainly concentrated around the major population centres (Oslo, Bergen, Stavanger and Trondheim):

* joiners, framers and carpenters
* plumbers and pipe fitters
* welders and sheet metal workers
* scaffolders
* engineers and civil engineers

Language and training requirements:

The construction industry is generally in need of highly skilled personnel, from workers with current professional certificates (called ‘fagbrev’) to college-educated technicians/engineers (Norwegian titles: ‘ingeniør’ and ‘sivilingeniør’). The employers themselves must meet standards for safety precautions and quality control measures, so you will need documentation for your skills when applying for construction jobs here.

The working language in the construction industry is Norwegian. Though many Norwegians speak at least some English, it is not often used for communication at the workplace. With a lack of Norwegian language skills many employers will require at least a minimum of good English skills in order to function at the workplace.

Knowing Norwegian will of course make your integration in Norway easier. Information about language course possibilities in your home country may be obtained from the Norwegian embassy/consulate.

ID-cards for construction workers

As a measure to ensure that employees’ health, safety and working environment are in accordance with regulations, all Norwegian building and construction enterprises must now issue identity cards to their employees. These personal ID-cards are issued for two years at a time, and must be worn visibly at all times.

Minimum wages and taxes

The Norwegian building and construction industry has instituted a minimum wage scale for construction workers (given in current hourly rates):

* Skilled workers: NOK 134,75
* Unskilled workers with no experience in construction work: NOK 120,50
* Unskilled workers with at least one year’s experience in construction work: NOK 125,50
* Workers under 18 years of age: NOK 81,00

Depending on production schedules, travel requirements and other work-related assignments, you may also be entitled to overtime pay, compensation for board and lodging and other expenses. You will find more information about wage agreements to the right under ”Related information”.

When you work for a Norwegian employer, you are required to pay tax in Norway. If you reside in Norway for less than six months, special tax rules apply. Bring your employment contract and passport to the nearest tax office called a “skattekontor” and apply for a tax card, “skattekort”. If you start working without a tax card, the employer will deduct 50% tax. Otherwise the tax usually amounts to around 1/3 of your pay. See the Norwegian Tax Authority ( for more information.

If you find yourself out of work

Unpaid leave, i.e. periods with no or little work, can occur. This may put you in financial difficulties if you are unprepared. If you find yourself out of work, you will be able to register as a job seeker at your local job centre in Norway. You may be able to apply for unemployment benefit depending on the rights you have earned here or in another EEA-country. You can get more information from the EURES-adviser in your country, or on our website about unemployment benefits.

Important things to consider

There are regulations about working hours, salaries, insurance, and other conditions at the workplace. Companies should ensure that their activities are run in accordance with the law. The authority which deals with these questions is the Norwegian Labour Inspection Authority, Arbeidstilsynet.

In Norway, trade unions play an important role at the workplace. You may wish to contact them — one of the most important in the construction industry is the Norwegian United Federation of Trade Unions, Fellesforbundet.

Work in Norway

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